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Welcome to ÖRAG Immobilien West

Professional estate agency services and expert advice and services in the field of property management in one of Austria's loveliest cities: our clients in Salzburg have been benefiting from our know-how for over 60 years.

In spring 2018, Reiter Immobilien was renamed ÖRAG Immobilien West GmbH as an outward sign of its almost 30-year affiliation with the ÖRAG Group, one of Austria´s leading independent property service providers.

As traditional yet innovative estate agents and property managers we're always one step ahead of the times: thanks to our long track record of experience, high degree of flexibility and professional expertise we are able to anticipate forthcoming changes and are thus best placed to look after our clients' interests.

In other words: We create a solid basis. For your future.

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Immobilien Salzburg - Land

M7: Hochwertig Leben in begehrter Freilassinger Lage
Provisionsfrei zum Kauf
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Gewerbeimmobilien: Büros & Ordinationen in Westösterreich
Ihr passendes Objekt
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Glanbogen - Einziehen und Wohlfühlen
Provisionsfrei für den Mieter
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ÖRAG Immobilien West
Franz-Josef-Straße 15, 5020 Salzburg
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