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Our Team

ÖRAG Immobilien West is headed by Johannes Endl, Thomas Macho and Irene Wendelin. They are supported by a well-practised and highly motivated team who deliver professional customer service and ensure smooth, rapid handling of all business matters.

Estate Agency Services

Contact Birgit Eckschlager
Birgit Eckschlager
Estate Agent
+43/662/877 666 - 30
Contact Nadja Falke
Nadja Falke
Assistant to Estate Agents
+43/662/877 666 - 30
Contact Maximilian Neururer, BA
Maximilian Neururer, BA
Estate Agent
+43/662 877 666 - 30
Contact Dr. Peter Ruderstaller
Dr. Peter Ruderstaller
Estate Agent
+43/662/877 666 - 30
"Finding the right property in Salzburg requires outstanding knowledge of the market, a wealth of experience and the ability to empathise with clients' needs. Flexible and dedicated, at ÖRAG Immobilien West we work hard to satisfy your wishes."Mag. Johannes Endl
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